Rebecca Spencer Wide Awake and Dreaming CD CoverBack Stage CD Picks of 2003     John Hoglund
A stunner of an album, revealing an artist on the verge of a serious breakthrough. This bodacious disc revels in opulent images from an artist who, at times,recalls the likes of Maureen McGovern and Barbara Cook in their prime.

The Monthly Herald (London/Paris)
Her recent CD redefines romanticism, vocal virtuosity and human warmth for the world of contemporary cabaret.

Rebecca Spencer Wide Awake and Dreaming CD PostcardShow Business    David Hurst
Rebecca Spencer’s been one of Broadway’s best kept secrets, but with the release of her debut CD, those days are over. Spencer’s voice is a lustrous legit soprano with power to burn and high notes that are jaw dropping. Philip Fortenberry’s work is ravishing.

Cabaret Scenes Magazine    Jeff Rossen
A dreamy collection of songs that pick up the listener and carry you away....reveries that touch the heart and intoxicate the mind. Working with Fortenberry on the arrangements, Spencer quite obviously not only knows just how these songs sound in her head but also transfers those musical images to this recording through Fortenberry’s glorious keyboard interpretations.