McPherson Opera House, KS
From Broadway to Las Vegas

March 19, 2011

Dear Fellow Arts Presenters:
The first thing to know about “From Broadway to Las Vegas” is that it is NOT a medley of Broadway’s greatest hits! It is musical theatre; thus the show’s division of Acts I and II. Although tightly scripted the show moves on with marvelous ease and naturalness but always with theatrical flair. Given Rebecca Spencer’s and Philip Fortenberry’s extensive Background in musical theatre, the musicianship is impeccable. Rebecca’s asides between musical numbers take the audience through the stage door for an insider’s look at Broadway.

Rebecca and Philip’s performance at the McPherson Opera House was their maiden voyage with this all new show, and I, as Executive Director, can truly say that “ From Broadway to Las Vegas” is one of the best shows we’ve ever presented. The post-show audience response in conversations with me was exceptionally positive. As Jack Lord used to say on Hawaii Five-O, “book’em Danno.”


John Holecek, Executive Director
McPherson Opera House