Helena, Montana
From Broadway to Las Vegas

April 2, 2012

Dear Rebecca and Philip,
This letter is in grateful appreciation for your amazing concert held on March 11, 2012 at our venue for our new Cabaret venture in Helena, Montana. We are about to complete our first season of five shows.

When we saw you at a showcase at the end of January 2011, we were immediately awe-struck! A powerful presentation in a 12 minute window had our hearts racing as we watched and listened to you perform. We had an immediate reaction – “This duo absolutely MUST perform for our community. They deserve to be heard!” The challenge at the time was that we had nothing planned for a venue, for a concert or for any kind of program as we had no organization in place, having just left behind my association of almost 30 years with another group. However, I told my husband, “We have over a year before they come to Montana, and we’ll find a place and a piano.” And with that statement, we signed an agreement to bring you to Helena with no idea where or how things would fall into place!

A few months went by, and we signed an agreement and returned a deposit, still unsure of how or where we were going to produce a show! Eventually with a lot of effort, passion, a dream and a goal, we created a new endeavor with a name, a rented venue, a series of shows….all built around our first wish to have you perform in Helena, Montana. The brochures were designed and mailed, and patrons began to join our dream….and then the time came just five months before your arrival when we opened our doors to a crowd who was hungry for an evening of entertainment.

There were several hurdles we had to cross to present you within Starz on Stage, mainly locating a piano for the venue! The days went by, and you arrived for your Montana tour. Your zeal for your music was obvious as we laughed and visited over dinner. There was NO ego involved with either of you, and that factor endeared you to us even more, and we were thrilled once more to know that our audience was going to be given a first-rate performance.

The crowd filled up the venue, the excitement brewed, and the piano was in place!! The first notes were played, the first lyrics were sung, and then the magic spread as our audience members watched and listened as you brought everyone into your web of enchantment. There were many times when I almost cried as your delivery was so magical, and watching the two of you, it was clear your musical connection was beyond the norm. As I looked around the crowd, I noticed that people seemed to barely even breathe, and they were almost stopped-in-time. All eyes were on the stage. You had cast a spell, and the patrons were captivated. The evening was a monumental success, and in all the years I’ve been involved in the entertainment business, it has been extremely rare to see people on their feet and applauding in-between songs and before a song was ended. This was one of those rare occasions. When the concert was over, instantly the crowd arose, and the demand was apparent for more, more, more.

The two of you have a very uncommon thread between you as a duo on stage. The evident mutual respect is apparent to your audience and fans. You are not simply a duo – you have created true magic, and I say again….you cast a magical spell on our audience. Your talent as individuals and as a duo are a complete package, and any producer or presenter that is deliberating on whether or not to have you as part of their series or concert offerings needs to simply say… “yes”. To not do so is a disservice to their audience members, and they are cheating their own patrons from a memorable, musical, magical experience that does not come often in our lifetimes. Rebecca and Philip, as the producers of Starz on Stage, we are eternally grateful to you, for taking the chance to come to a Montana conference, and for bringing us true, complete joy with your “From Broadway to Vegas” concert as part of your Montana tour. May you always be safe in your travels, and may you bring your music to the masses all over the world! The people are waiting for you!

With admiration and thankful hearts,
Gary and Joy Novota
Starz on Stage Productions