Phantom of the Opera Madame Giry Rebecca Spencer Phantom the Las Vegas SpectacularLas Vegas Review-Journal   Anthony Del Valle
There's lots of talent on display at 'Phantom -- The Las Vegas Spectacular,' but the person I can never stop watching is Rebecca Spencer…The actress gets to show her sensuous side in a new CD, Fair Warning, and it's difficult to believe that this passionate vocal performance comes from the same body and soul as our Madame Giry.

Rebecca Spencer 42nd St Dorothy BrockIthaca Times 
  Bryan VanCampen

Dorothy Brock in 42nd STREET
Spencer and the ensemble do great things with a few well placed spotlights for "Shadow Waltz" and Spencer has another dynamite moment singing in front of another of Lim's period-perfect Deco screens, and in a nifty turn, we see through a sheer scrim all of the "backstage" moments while "Pretty Lady" is being road-tested.

Rebecca Spencer Goodspeed Opera Lady-Be-GoodThe lead paragraph from

The Tampa Tribune   Porter Anderson
Shirley in LADY BE GOOD
There are few songs as shimmeringly, provocatively lovely as George and Ira Gershwin’s ‘The Man I Love’. And this week, you can hear Rebecca Spencer do it solid soprano justice at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. The Lady is good. At Wednesday’s opening, Spencer posed each weeping wistful lyric with such sure-voiced finesse that many of the well-dressed, frequently talkative audience actually shut up and listened.

Light Opera of Manhattan The-Desert-Song Rebecca SpencerThe New York Times   Tim Page
Rebecca Spencer is a pleasing, full-voiced and funny Margot.


Back Stage   Jennie Schulman
Ms. Spencer was lovely to look at and revealed a soprano that rates roles in grand opera.

Jekyll and Hyde Lisa Carew Emma Carew Rebecca Spencer Alley TheatreThe Houston Chronicle   Everett Evans

Lisa Carew in the premiere of JEKYLL AND HYDE
Rebecca Spencer is striking in the part: beautiful, womanly. with a fine soprano and a firm sense of character.


The Houston Post   William Albright
Rebecca Spencer’s crystalline soprano brought both lilt and moxie to Lisa’s songs (including) a haunting “Once Upon a Dream”.

Kismet Equity Library Theatre ELT Rebecca Spencer MarsinahThe New York Times
   D.J.R. Bruckner

Marsinah in KISMET
Miss Spencer, who looks as fresh and innocent as the Caliph thinks she is, makes the gems glow in "Baubles, Bangles and Beads" and could draw tears from a stone in the reprise of "Stranger in Paradise".

Music-Man-Theatre by the Sea Marian Rebecca SpencerThe Providence Journal   William K. Gale
Easily the best musical production to play Rhode Island in several years. Rebecca Spencer brings a glorious, beautiful controlled soprano to Marian. When she sang the theatre was quiet as if empty, with everyone not wanting to miss a note.

Sweeney-Todd Johanna Theatre by the Sea Rebecca SpencerThe New York Times   Alvin Klein
Rebecca Spencer’s glistening soprano suggests that she could scale the heights of a Donizetti opera bouffe.


xmascarolkcrep.jpegKansas City Star   Robert W. Butler
Mr. Houston has also penned a truly lovely ballad for young Ebenezer’s fiancé, Belle, which is unforgettably sung by Rebecca Spencer.

Phantom-Christine-Rebecca Spencer Theatre by the SeaThe Poughkeepsie Journal   Rachel Cassidy
Christine in PHANTOM
Rebecca Spencer has an ethereal appearance which houses a voice of polished platinum.

The Providence Phoenix 
  Bill Rodriguez

Speaking of singing, the trained voice of Rebecca Spencer is so beautiful it threatens to stop the action in its tracks.

Kismet-Darien-1WMNR Fine Arts 88.1 FM   Rosalind Friedman
Marsinah in KISMET
At the opening of Kismet at the Darien Dinner Theatre, Rebecca Spencer, a young and beautiful soprano who plays the part of Marsinah, stopped the show. Her voice and demeanor sent chills through the audience.


Stamford Mail   Elizabeth G. Gershman
The prize of the show is Rebecca Spencer playing Marsinah. His voice is exquisite.

Trumball Times   Joseph Bronechen
Marsinah couldn’t have asked for a better form than Rebecca Spencer gives to her. Miss Spencer spins her songs with a wonderfully easy, beautiful, silken soprano.

Most Happy Fella Rebecca Spencer Rosabella Jupiter TheatreThe Palm Beach Post   Hap Epstein
Carbonelle Award Nomination
Rebecca Spencer gives a particularly well-sung, intelligent performance. The original score gives her a chance to reveal her inner feelings, and Spencer makes the most of it.


The Palm Beach Post   Hap Epstein
Also impressive is Rebecca Spencer who manages to make Loesser’s show-off trilling especially thrilling.

HMS Pinafore Rebecca Spencer Buttercup Arizona Theatre CompanyScottsdale Tribune   Max McQueen
Buttercup in HMS PINAFORE
Zoni Award Nomination
Rebecca Spencer makes for a playful, voluptuous Buttercup. Her warm soprano is well used on "I'm Called Little Buttercup" and "Things are Seldom What They Seem". She uses a knowing playfulness to good stead as she advances the musical's plot.

piratesPoughkeepsie Journal   Jeffrey Borak

Nothing however, prepares us for the arrival of Mabel. Director Scott Harris takes his boldest step here, playing the gun-toting, whip-snapping Mabel as a man-eating predator – lusty, sexy, with frizzy blond hair cascading over her shoulders. She is played to the hilt by Rebecca Spencer who doesn’t miss a trick. Spencer, who is not only a talented comedienne, but a superb singer as well, pulls it off in grand style.

The News-Times   M. Siegel
Outstanding because of her well-trained voice and sharp sense for sensual comedy is Rebecca Spencer. Her Mabel is an aggressive huntress who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Her characterization and her singing are delightful.