42nd Street

This was a very special production directed and choreographed by Brett Smoch! Rebecca made her debut at the Merry Go Round Playhouse in the role of Dorothy Brock and played opposite B’Way Veteran Christopher Carl and starred, Julie Kavanagh. This earlier adaptation included the Harry Warren song, ‘I’ll Know Now,’ sung by Dorothy.  Great Cast!

Reviews & Press

Ithaca Times

"Spencer and the ensemble do great things with a few well placed spotlights for "Shadow Waltz" and Spencer has another dynamite moment singing in front of another of Lim's period-perfect Deco screens, and in a nifty turn, we see through a sheer scrim all of the "backstage" moments while "Pretty Lady" is being road-tested."

~ Bryan VanCampen

"Spencer’s Brock demonstrates considerable range with “You’re Getting to Be a Habit With Me” and her heartfelt duo (with Kavanaugh) titled “About a Quarter to Nine”. 

Syracuse New Times

"Dorothy is not an unrewarding role as it might appear, as she leads in four numbers, including the solo “Getting to be a Habit with Me.” Rebecca Spencer, also new to MGR, brings extensive national credits but appears very much in her prime. Appropriately a boastful harridan in the early scenes, her Dorothy later bonds with Peggy in the duet “About a Quarter to Nine.”

MD Theatre Guide

 "Rebecca Spencer expertly sung and acted the part of washed up star, Dorothy Brock.  Her strong voice carried well throughout the theatre – and she was able to convey great emotion during the quieter scenes, including those with Julie Kavanagh, who played Peggy Sawyer, the young starlet-to-be from Allentown, PA"


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