For the recording STILL STILL STILL
“A pristine collection of holiday songs, this recording is the definition of collaboration at its finest, starting with the impeccable production value of the recording itself. The well-chosen offerings are pluperfect. With ethereal vocals, this angelic mezzo celebrates the holiday spirit in the best way—at a time when it is needed most. It’s all about as perfect as a Christmas album can be.”
John Hoglund, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

“The glorious Rebecca Spencer’s new Christmas release on LML Music entitled, Still Still Still is a meticulously conceptualized CD embracing stories of her life through very select, iconic material which exemplifies a deep seeded meaning of the season.”
Michael Sterling, State of the Arts / LA Talk Radio Network

"The music market is inundated with Christmas CDs. Finally, one that rises above the rest!. Filled with sophistication and class, Still Still Still: A Christmas Tone Poem features the lush, rich voice of Rebecca Spencer and the superior artistry of musical director Philip Fortenberry at the piano—it leaves me filled with joy and wonder."
Don Grigware, BroadwayWorld

"Rebecca--who has an extraordinarily big singing range uses exquisite restraint and sings in her toasty, warm lower range--always in the service of whatever songs she has chosen to sing on this beautiful CD...After listening to this CD, you feel like you're the luckiest person in the world for having heard it...The artistry between the two of them is magnificent. You simply cannot tell when one stops, and the other takes over--it is that seamless."
Phil Hall, Broadway Conducor/Musical Director/Composer/Arranger

For her LA cabaret debut
“Rebecca Spencer’s powerful soprano and her unique accompaniment by Musical Director Philip Fortenberry, combined with an imaginative selection of songs and stunning vocal performance, resulted in a joyous musical experience. The entertaining patter about her association with the songs and her musical theater career provided just the right personal touch to the evening. This was her L.A. solo cabaret debut, and a wonderful start it was.”
Les Traub, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

“Spencer's signature has become unique arrangements that fuse both classical and contemporary expressions of the art song, along with the romantic American Songbook, Broadway, film and popular music. Spencer is a vital actress/woman who lives through the music one beat at a time, in the moment, infusing every lyric with deep feeling. Like any good actress, she loves what she does and sprinkles, like magic dust, the fruits of that aura over everyone around her. What a classy and joyful performer—relaxed, personal, gracious and highly spirited! Rebecca Spencer stands out as a quiet diva, a classy and down to earth mother, who is bound to leave her lasting mark on LA just as she has everywhere else. She's remarkably adept in every way, elegantly stunning...a truly unique artist on the cabaret scene.”
Don Grigware, BroadwayWorld

“…redefines romanticism, vocal virtuosity and human warmth for the world of contemporary cabaret.”
The Monthly Herald (London/Paris)

For the recording FAIR WARNING
“Rebecca Spencer follows up her absolutely gorgeous 2003 album, Wide Awake and Dreaming, with a new dozen-song offering that is even better. There is something unavoidably entrancing about her voice, whether she’s lowering the register and enticing us with a sexy allure or lightening the sound and captivating the ear with the elegant beauty of her tones. And when you add in Philip Fortenberry’s exceptional piano arrangements and accompaniment, the effects are dazzling.”
Jeff Rossen, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

“The ethereal beauty plus power will come as no surprise if you're familiar with Rebecca from her work on cast albums or her first solo CD, the delightful Wide Awake and Dreaming. You'll know she's a soprano with range and power. She takes chances and has a taste for the unusual and the traditional. Working again with musical director Philip Fortenberry, the elegant pair mix the very well-known with the unexpected. The rich recital succeeds in delivering its message of embracing and appreciating the important things in life—quite moving.”
Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway’s Sound Advice

“…a sensuous and passionate vocal performance – a quietly classy album”
The Las Vegas Review-Journal

For the recording and concert of WIDE AWAKE AND DREAMING
BackStage Bistro Award

“ extraordinary, wondrous and dazzling showpiece! Spencer has a glorious voice—soaring, affecting.”
Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

“A dreamy collection of songs that pick up the listener and carry you away....reveries that touch the heart and intoxicate the mind.”
Jeff Rossen, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

As Madame Giry in PHANTOM - THE LAS VEGAS SPECTACULAR at The Venetian
There's lots of talent on display at 'Phantom -- The Las Vegas Spectacular,' but the person I can never stop watching is Rebecca Spencer…The actress gets to show her sensuous side in a new CD, Fair Warning, and it's difficult to believe that this passionate vocal performance comes from the same body and soul as our Madame Giry.
Anthony Del Valle, Las Vegas Review-Journal

As Rosemary in S'Wonderful at Musical Theatre West
“S’ Wonderful benefits enormously from its cast of some of L.A.’s most gifted triple threats. Spencer (recently The Music Man’s scene-stealing Eulalie Shin) reveals
the sultriest pipes in town in ‘Summertime’.”
Steven Stanley,StageSceneLA

"This lady has such a great set of chops - a belter with a deliciously cultured vocal richness."
Don Grigware, Grigware Reviews 

As Madame Giry in PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 20th Anniversary World Tour
"American soprano Rebecca Spencer was excellently cast as Madame Giry. Whenever she was on stage, her presence was highly noticed. She sings with precision and expression and performed with marked distinction."

Rosalind Orosa,The Philippine Star

As Lisa (Emma) Carew in the world premiere of JEKYLL AND HYDE at the Alley Theatre
“Rebecca Spencer is striking in the part: beautiful, womanly, with a fine soprano and a firm sense of character.”
Everett Evans, The Houston Chronicle  

“Rebecca Spencer’s crystalline soprano brought both lilt and moxie to Lisa’s songs including a haunting “Once Upon a Dream”.
William Albright, The Houston Post

As Shirley in LADY BE GOOD on National Tour
“There are few songs as shimmeringly, provocatively lovely as George and Ira Gershwin’s ‘The Man I Love’. And this week, you can hear Rebecca Spencer do it solid soprano justice at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. The Lady is good. At Wednesday’s opening, Spencer posed each weeping wistful lyric with such sure-voiced finesse that many of the well-dressed, frequently talkative audience actually shut up and listened.”
Lead Paragraph, Porter Anderson, The Tampa Tribune

As Marsinah in KISMET
“Miss Spencer, who looks as fresh and innocent as the Caliph thinks she is, makes the gems glow in "Baubles, Bangles and Beads" and could draw tears from a stone in the reprise of ‘Stranger in Paradise’".
D.J.R. Bruckner, The New York Times  

“Rebecca Spencer’s glistening soprano suggests that she could scale the heights of a Donizetti opera bouffe.”
Alvin Klein, The New York Times

“Rebecca Spencer is a pleasing, full-voiced and funny Margot.”
Tim Page, The New York Times  

As Rosabella in MOST HAPPY FELLA   Carbonelle Award Nomination at Jupiter Theatre
“Rebecca Spencer gives a particularly well-sung, intelligent performance. The original score gives her a chance to reveal her inner feelings, and Spencer makes the most of it.”
Hap Epstein, The Palm Beach Post

As Buttercup in HMS PINAFORE    Zoni Award Nomination at Arizona Theatre Company
“Rebecca Spencer makes for a playful, voluptuous Buttercup. Her warm soprano is well used on "I'm Called Little Buttercup" and "Things are Seldom What They Seem". She uses a knowing playfulness to good stead as she advances the musical's plot.”
Max McQueen, Scottsdale Tribune

As Mrs.Crachitt in A CHRISTMAS CAROL at Trinity Repertory Theatre
“Speaking of singing, the trained voice of Rebecca Spencer is so beautiful it threatens to stop the action in its tracks.”
Bill Rodriguez, The Providence Phoenix

As Marian in THE MUSIC MAN
“Easily the best musical production to play Rhode Island in several years. Rebecca Spencer brings a glorious, beautiful controlled soprano to Marian. When she sang the theatre was quiet as if empty, with everyone not wanting to miss a note.”
William K. Gale, The Providence Journal

“Mr. Houston has also penned a truly lovely ballad for young Ebenezer’s fiancé, Belle, which is unforgettably sung by Rebecca Spencer.”
Robert W. Butler, Kansas City Star  

As Christine in PHANTOM
“Rebecca Spencer has an ethereal appearance which houses a voice of polished platinum.”
Rachel Cassidy, The Poughkeepsie Journal

As Marsinah in KISMET
“At the opening of Kismet, Rebecca Spencer, a young and beautiful soprano who plays the part of Marsinah, stopped the show. Her voice and demeanour sent chills through the audience.”
Rosalind Friedman, WMNR Fine Arts 88.1 FM